Ellen Pao is an investment partner at Kapor Capital,  the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the Kapor Center for Social Impact, and co-founder of the diversity consulting non-profit organization Project Include.  Previously she was the interim chief executive officer of social media technology company Reddit, an investment partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a Board director at Flipboard, and a corporate attorney.

Having become widely known for filing a gender discrimination suit against former employer Kleiner Perkins in 2012, Pao has expressed vocal criticism of the hiring and promotion practices in Silicon Valley. In 2015, unpopular decisions made during Pao's tenure at Reddit generated a wave of controversy that culminated in her stepping down. The backlash she received sparked debates both on the treatment of women in technology and the need for transparency in a company that relies on volunteers.

In part 3 of Ellen's podcast, we discuss:

  • The arbitrage opportunity for diversity in venture capital
  • Where do Asian men fit into the diversity equation?
  • Project Include (its mission, game plan, and ways to engage)
  • Trailblazing and choosing to fight for equity for women and minorities in tech
  • The tradeoffs of advocating diversity in silicon valley
  • Diversity and the rise of nationalism

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