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Kahlana Barfield Brown is the 30-something Fashion & Beauty Editor-at-Large of InStyle Magazine, where she rose from intern to a fixture on daytime television and awards shows. She's living a dream life people would die for. Whether she's flying to fashion week in Paris, hanging out on the red carpet at the Grammys or Oscars, having a slumber party with Jessica Alba, or sharing beauty tips on The Today Show, Kahlana makes it clear that a lot of hustle and persistence over a decade has brought her to this point.

In part 2 of Kahlana's podcast (part 1 here), we discuss her:

  • Favorite brands, up-and-coming designers, and fashion icons

  • Controversial breakthrough InStyle article 'Pretty For a Dark-Skinned Girl'

  • Celebrity friendships & the importance of authenticity in social media 

  • View on the lack of diversity in high fashion & athletes and rappers influence 

  • Insight on the hottest looks right now & the best brand to 'be fly' on a budget

Follow Kahlana on Instagram or Twitter Check out her work in InStyle Magazine and her game-changing article 'Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl' in the April 2016 issue.