Michael Seibel is 33 years old and has lived and worked in the Bay Area for the past 8 years, currently serving as CEO of YC Core, which has been called "the world's most powerful start-up incubator" by Fast Company.

Previously, Michael was co-founder and CEO ofJustin.tv from 2007 - 2011 and co-founder and CEO of Socialcam in 2012. During 2012, Socialcam participated inY Combinator, raised angel financing from a group of amazing investors, and sold to Autodesk Inc. for $60m (link). In 2014 Justin.tv became Twitch Interactive and under the leadership of Emmett Shear and Kevin Lin sold to Amazon for $970m.  Before getting into tech, Michael spent a year as the finance director for a US Senate campaign after graduated from Yale University with a degree in political science. 

In part 3 of the episode we chat about:

  • The decision to become a YC Partner
  • The change/impact that he wants to make in the world
  • The tech companies/ideas he's most excited about
  • Disillusionment with politics &  the net impact of tech on politics and gov't
  • Fixing the lack of diversity in tech 

You can follow Michael on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIN or via email at Email: michael@ycombinator.com.